Repton WI

Repton WI was formed on Thursday 20 June 1918 by Lady Fisher (wife to the headmaster of Repton School) with 55 members and from the beginning they worked together for the community they lived in. Worn out stockings and socks were collected to be converted into gaiters and mittens for the schoolchildren and on 16 Jan 1919, due to a shortage of coal every member brought a lump and a contribution to the tea.  Over 100 years later and we are finding the WI women are doing the same in this distressing time, with many of our members signed up to help with the national and village response; as part of the NHS volunteer workforce, shopping or conducting errands for vulnerable members of the village, or just being a person to talk to.

With one eye constantly on the changing regulations Repton WI is determined to keep our ladies in touch with each other whilst ensuring their safety.  Although we are still unable to meet face to face we will, where possible, meet in small groups or virtually. 

Coming up this month:

10 Nov at 7.30pm             Bingo night

24 Nov at 10 am               WO walk from the Village Hall

We can’t wait for the next opportunity for a ‘normal’ gathering when we can return to the Village Hall bringing our tea, cake, energy and chatter with us.  Hopefully we will see some new members – you are all welcome.                                                Rachel Smedley